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Traces of Life: Seen Through Korean Eyes, 1945–1992

Traces of Life: Seen Through Korean Eyes, 1945–1992 ( 0 Files )

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Experience the captivating imagery in this collection of photographs by some of the pioneers of modern Korean photography. The fifty-four photographs showcase the first generation of Korean realists, who played a pivotal role in the development and enrichment of Korean photography as an art form. The exhibition marks the first time these original black-and-white photographs have been displayed in the United States, and fills a chasm not only in the visual archive of modern Korean photography but also in the visual vernacular of the period. The selected photographs are on loan from Dong Gang Museum of Photography, and from the photographers’ estates.

This exhibition catalogue is edited by Chang Jae Lee, foreword by Jinyoung Jin (TKS Gallery Director), introduction by David R. McCann (Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature at Harvard University), contributing Essay by Sun Il (Curator of the Seoul National University Museum) and curatorial Essay and afterword by Chang Jae Lee (Curator of Traces of Life)

“Read these photographs as you might a poem, noting the familiar parts, the people and places, but then also the contrasting accents of light and dark, the depths, the natural design. And prepare to be totally amazed every time you look at it by the 1945 photograph by Koo Wangsam of the children up in a tree. That might be the only tree left in Korea, and those children have found it and made it their own!” David R . McCann (Korea Foundation professor of Korean Literature, Harvard University)

“Koreans could finally see themselves from their own perspective, and they could turn from objects captured on film to the subjects who record. They could finally begin to create their own memories about themselves. This is why we should pay attention to these photographs. This is why they are invaluable.” Sun Il (Curator, Seoul National University Museum)

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Paperback: 136 pp.
(in English 110 pp. including 54 plates, in Korean 26 pp.)

Publisher: Noonbit Publishing Co. (September 2012)

Language: English/ Korean

ISBN-13: 978-89-7409-289-4

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Price: $25 (members)/$30 (non-members); $5.15 shipping costs by Priority Mail



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