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Korean Temple Food

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(The Wednesday, May 1 program at The Korea Society is sold out. However, Venerable Dae Ahn will also be giving cooking classes at Contemporary Korean Kitchen on May 2, 4, and 5 so please visit CKK’s web site for further information.)


Korean Temple Food with Venerable Dae Ahn from The Korea Society on Vimeo.


For over 1,700 years, in Buddhist temples across Korea, monks and nuns have prepared meals using only fresh, seasonal vegetables in accordance with Buddhist principles. Today, Korean temple food, the original “slow food,” has a growing international following appreciative of the healthy and simple yet flavorful fare.

To introduce Korean temple food, The Korea Society welcomed Venerable Dae Ahn, noted temple-food expert and leading practitioner. She demonstrated the preparation of several dishes while sharing the philosophy and principles behind Korean temple food, which she has described as, “a perfect meal, full of nature’s goodness.” A tasting reception followed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 @ 6:30 PM
During her visit to New York, Ven. Dae Ahn  also appeared as a guest chef at cooking classes offered by Contemporary Korean Kitchen. To learn more about these classes, click here
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