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Lesson plans by time period in Korean History

LessonPlans TimePeriod icon

Adobe PDF IconAn Economic Miracle - A Comparison

Adobe PDF IconA Comparison of Student Activists

Adobe PDF IconA Document Based Essay On The Korean War

Adobe PDF IconA Korean Meal - Teaching Confucian Manners Through Dining Etiquette

Adobe PDF IconBecoming Japanese - Identity Under Japanese Occupation

Adobe PDF IconBuddhist Art and Symbolism in Korea

Adobe PDF IconChallenges Remain - North Korean Refugees in South Korea

Adobe PDF IconChanging Roles of South Korean Women

Adobe PDF IconComfort Women - Teaching to the Truth

Adobe PDF IconComparing Korea to Where I Live

Adobe PDF IconComparing the Development of Two Modern Structures

Adobe PDF IconComparing the US Civil Rights Movement With Koreas Pro-Democracy Movement

Adobe PDF IconConsequences of Japans Occupation of Korea

Adobe PDF IconCultural Diffusion in Korean Society

Adobe PDF IconCurrent Korea Examples of Tradition and Change

Adobe PDF IconDangerous Fault Lines - The Last Vestiges of the Cold War

Adobe PDF IconDividing the Korean Peninsula

Adobe PDF IconDocument Analysis of the Post WWII Partitioning of Korea

Adobe PDF IconFolktales of Korea

Adobe PDF IconGDP Economic Growth and Market Systems - Comparing the Economies of North and South Korea

Adobe PDF IconHow Trade Works

Adobe PDF IconJapanese Occupation in Korea

Adobe PDF IconK-Pop and E-Commerce - A Match Made in Heaven

Adobe PDF IconKorean Culture Project

Adobe PDF IconKorean Customs and Education System

Adobe PDF IconKorean Immigration to The US and Arranged Marriages

Adobe PDF IconKorean Poetry in a Historical Context

Adobe PDF IconKorean Reunification for the 10th Grade

Adobe PDF IconKorean Reunification for the 11th Grade

Adobe PDF IconKorean Shamanism Today

Adobe PDF IconKorean Shamanism - A Case Study in Modern Day Animism

Adobe PDF IconKorean Transformation

Adobe PDF IconKorean War Propaganda

Adobe PDF IconKorea's Dynamic Role In East Asia Interaction Innovation And Diffusion

Adobe PDF IconKorea's Responses to Contact With The West From 1600 to 1890

Adobe PDF IconKorea And the Red Crowned Crane - How the Natural World Is Reflected In Korean Culture

Adobe PDF IconNorth Koreas Nuclear Program and the Six Party Talks

Adobe PDF IconNorth Korea The Modern Dynasty

Adobe PDF IconReligious Plurality - Korea A Case Study

Adobe PDF IconSouth Korean Currency A Window Into South Korean History and Culture

Adobe PDF IconSouth Korea and The Asian Development Model

Adobe PDF IconStreaming Seoul - The Chonggyechon Project

Adobe PDF IconStructured Academic Controversy - What is the Best Solution for North and South Korea Reunification

Adobe PDF IconStudent Historians - A Primary Souce

Adobe PDF IconTeaching Confucian Values Through the Korean Folktale Chunyang

Adobe PDF IconThe Gwangju Uprising

Adobe PDF IconThe Jikji and the Bible

Adobe PDF IconThe Korean War - Three Week Unit

Adobe PDF IconThe Korean Way of Tea

Adobe PDF IconThe Outbreak of the Korean War

Adobe PDF IconThe Taft-Katsura Agreement

Adobe PDF IconThe Two Koreas - Research and Evaluation

Adobe PDF IconThe US in South Korea - Ally or Empire - Perspectives in Geopolitics

Adobe PDF IconToponomy of Korea and the United States

Adobe PDF IconUnderstanding Korea's Changing Demographics

Adobe PDF IconUS South Korea Comparing The Development and Structure of Two Modern Democracies

Adobe PDF IconWhat Can Be Learned From A Set of Data - Comparing and Contrasting Life in the Two Koreas

Adobe PDF IconWhat Does a Border Mean

Adobe PDF IconWhen Did South Korea Become a Democracy


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