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Korean Media Views of the US

 2017 09 14  korean-media-views  icon

How do Koreans view their critical political and security ally, the United States? How do editors and correspondents both cover and convey this White House, government officials, and public interests?

Senior Korean editorial writers convene at the Society for a public discussion of Korean views of the US and Korean coverage of America. The program features senior editorial writers from JoongAng Ilbo, DongA Ilbo, Yonhap, and other news organizations, and is in partnership with the Asia Foundation.

Guests include Nam Jeong-ho of JoongAng Ilbo, Lee Jung-keun of Kyunghyang News, Lee Cholhi of Donga Ilbo, Choi Jai-hyek of Chosun Ilbo, Eom Nam-seok of Yonhap, Kim Ritaek of Hankyoreh, Jung Hyuk-hoon of Maeil Business Daily, Yoon Choon-ho of SBS, and Lee Jae-ho of KBS.

Korean Media Views of the US


Senior Korean editors and journalists     


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