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Private Roundtables at The Korea Society

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Accompanying the Society’s heady calendar of public events are select roundtables throughout the year for senior-level practitioners and thought leaders from policy and business. In late 2016, the Society hosted an informal session alongside the National Committee on North Korea with a presentation by a University of British Columbia scholar on North Korea and professional training. In late March 2017, the Society hosted United Nations officials and several senior scholars and non-profit leaders to discuss the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, potential progress in unofficial dialogue, persistent historical and legal issues, and potential United Nations initiatives. In early June 2017, the Society joins with the National Committee on American Foreign Policy in hosting a trilateral discussion among senior scholars and policy advisors from China, Korea, and the United States. As of July 2017, the new offices of the Korea Society at 350 Madison at 45th Street features a dedicated executive roundtable area to facilitate these senior-level, impact-oriented dialogues.


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