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BBC World Service

2017 04 20  Viewpoint BBC  banner

April 20, 2017  -- Stephen Noerper discusses China-North Korea relations and current tensions around the Korean Peninsula with BBC World Service host Manuela Saragosa.

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MSNBC Last Word

2017 04 17  Viewpoint MSNBC  banner

April 17, 2017  -- Mike Pence sends a new message to North Korea not to "test President Trump's resolve" and "all options are on the table," and NSC advisor H.R. McMaster seems to have a reassurung idea about defusing tensions with Pyongyang. Stephen Noerper joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

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RTVi television, UN bureau

2017 04 10  Viewpoint RTVi  banner

April 10, 2017  -- Senior Director Dr. Stephen Noerper discusses Syria and North Korea, as well as US preventive defense in accord with allies South Korea and Japan. (in Russian)

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Background Briefing with host Ian Masters

2017 04 06  Viewpoint Background-briefing  banner

April 6, 2017  -- KPFK Pacifica Radio, Trump-Xi and the North Korean Challenge featuring The Korea Society's Stephen Noerper

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Bloomberg Today Live

2017 04 05  Viewpoint Bloomberg  banner

April 5, 2017  -- Bloomberg Today Live: North Korea and the Xi-Trump Summit with Stephen Noerper.
(see minute 1:00 onward)

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CNN: Situation Room

2017 04 05  Viewpoint CNN  banner

April 5, 2017  -- As President Trump gets ready for critical talks with China's leader, North Korea test-fires another missile.

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2017 03 14  Viewpoint Bloomberg  banner2

March 14, 2017  -- Thomas Byrne, President, The Korea Society joined David Ingles and Bryan Curtis to discuss the latest on the heightened tensions following North Korea’s latest missile launches and the deployment of THAAD in South Korea.

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2017 03 14  Viewpoint CNBC  banner

March 14, 2017  -- Watch Tillerson's visit to Japan, South Korea and China for more clarity on Trump's Asia policy, according to Thomas Hubbard, chairman of The Korea Society.

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2017 03 10  Viewpoint CNBC  banner2

March 10, 2017  -- "She will leave office in disgrace, which is a historic moment as that's never happened in democratic South Korea," said Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society.

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2017 03 03  Viewpoint Bloomberg  banner2

February 28, 2017  -- Stephen Noerper, senior director at the Korea Society, discusses corruption in South Korea and Samsung's influence on South Korea's economy. He speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Joe Weisenthal on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

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U.S. News

2017 02 28  Viewpoint US-News  banner

February 28, 2017  -- Thomas Byrne, President of the Korea Society, a New York-based think tank, told U.S. News that the alleged executions, along with "the recent demotion of the head of the State Security Ministry and alleged assassination of Kim Jong Nam [show] an intensification of the purges after more than five years in power."

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Texas Public Radio: The Source

2017 02 28  Viewpoint SOURCE  banner

February 28, 2017  -- International Experts Talk North Korean Challenges, Opportunities.

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2017 02 27  Viewpoint CNBC  banner

February 27, 2017  -- Thomas Byrne, president of The Korea Society, weighs in on the latest developments in the impeachment saga involving President Park Geun-hye.

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BBC World Service: Newsday

2017 02 14  Viewpoint BBC-News  banner2

February 14, 2017  -- North Korean Leader's Half-Brother 'Assassinated' in Malaysia. Who killed the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il?

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U.S. News

2017 02 10  Viewpoint US.News  banner

February 10, 2017  -- "As a former credit analyst I have learned when making a projection to pick a number or a time frame, but not both..."

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The Diplomat

2017 01 19  Viewpoint the-diplomat  banner

January 19, 2017  -- A conversation about prospects for the relationship amid domestic political changes in both countries...

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Los Angeles Times

2016 12 14  Viewpoint-latimes  banner

December 14, 2016  -- The impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye has prompted widespread concern, but her country is not paralyzed. (“After the impeachment, uncertainty reigns in South Korea,” Dec. 9) ...

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2016 10 20  huffpost  banner

December 1, 2016  -- Thomas Byrne, president of The Korea Society, discusses the impeachment process for South Korean President Park Geun-hye and its impact on the economy and foreign relations. He speaks to Bloomberg's Betty Liu and Shery Ahn on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."

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The Huffington Post

2016 10 20  huffpost  banner

October 20, 2016  -- Since the Korean War ended six decades ago, the United States and South Korea have built an enduring alliance founded on mutual interests and shared principles. As the Republic of Korea grew into an economic powerhouse in Asia and a mature democracy, the two countries became true partners. But that partnership is sometimes mischaracterized. Here are five important facts to keep in mind when you hear or read about this crucial alliance...

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August 23, 2016  -- Korea Society senior director for policy Stephen Noerper discussed video bloggers (vloggers) visiting North Korea and DPRK messaging.

For Stephen Noerper, a senior director of the Korea Society —the dedicated non-profit in the United States for Korea-U.S. relations —Cole's trip represents an opportunity.

"We need every channel of information and exchange, especially given the political impasse and security concerns," Noerper told NBC News. "We should be discerning with vlogs and other controlled or influenced messaging, but we should not miss opportunities for trust building or opening, however small."...

Ultimately, Noerper said, it was the responsibility of viewers to consider Cole's videos "as portrayals of small slivers of life alongside our greater and more relevant concerns about human rights abuses, missiles and nukes."

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2016 08 22  Viewpoint-CNBC  banner

August 22, 2016  -- The military drills signal U.S.' and South Korea's commitment to deter any provocations from North Korea, says The Korea Society's Thomas Byrne.

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Voice of America


August 18, 2016 (VOA) -- Senior Director Stephen Noerper provided commentary to Voice of America's Victor Beattie on the possible impact of the defection of the DPRK's number two in its UK embassy. Noerper urged a close eye to subsequent defections as possible indicators of DPRK elite concerns about the rule of Kim Jong Un, but also cautioned that these might be isolated incidents. He noted the chain of defections at the end of the Cold War in the former Socialist bloc and concerns withing Pyongyang's ruling class given the step-up in purges under Kim Jong Un. The defector Thae Yong Ho had been responsible for the human rights portfolio at the UK mission and may have been concerned about being ordered back to Pyongyang in coming weeks.



The Washington Post

2016 08 16  Viewpoint-washington-post  banner

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The Huffington Post

billboard 2016 2016 07 17  huffington post   billboardgk-is -03

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The Huffington Post | Berggruen Institute

2016 07 07  Viewpoint-huffpost  banner 

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The Dong-A Ilbo

2016 06 03  Viewpoint-DONG-A-ILBO  banner 

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Financial Times

2016 05 22  Viewpoint-FT  banner 

Thomas J. Byrne, president of The Korea Society was quoted by the Financial Times: “China is working off excess capacity in manufacturing and becoming more vertically specialised. Both effects decrease demand for Korea’s mix of exports in particular.”

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The Wall Street Journal

2016 05 19  Viewpoint-WSJ  banner 

‘If the U.S. had not come to the aid of the Korean people, or if we in the South had lost the war, I would not be standing here.’ - From remarks by Kwon Oh-joon, chief executive officer of the South Korean steel manufacturer Posco.

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Bloomberg News

2016 05 06  Viewpoint-Bloomberg  banner 

Thomas Byrne, president of The Korea Society, discusses North Korea's Workers Party Congress. He speaks with Bloomberg's Angie Lau on "First Up."



The New York Times

2016 05 03  Viewpoint-NYT  banner 



The Wall Street Journal

2016 03 01  Viewpoint-WSJ  banner 

President Thomas J. Byrne comments on how China is finally showing signs of getting serious. Pyongyang elites may decide: Time for a change.




How Kim Jong Un is bankrolling his nuclear ambitions

President Thomas J. Byrne was quoted on CNBC.com.




Thomas J. Byrne joined "G-Lounge" this week. He was the former regional manager of the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions of Moody's Investor Services, a global bond credit rating company and is the current president of The Korea Society.

Based on the topics he addressed at the breakfast meeting, hosted by IGE on the 17th, he goes into an in-depth talk on the global and Korean economy along with the economy of North Korea.

He agrees that the change in China's economy is the biggest factor that will affect Korea's economy. However, he emphasizes that the slowdown in China's economy is a bigger element than the depreciation of the Chinese yuan.Thomas expects for all countries around the globe to be affected by the interest rate increase in the US, but believes it will end in a short-term fluctuation for Korea. He also mentions that joining the TPP will be a great benefit for Korea.

He continues an intensive discussion on North Korea's economy, pointing out that North Korea needs to make a constant effort for reform to be successful like it was in China.Additionally, Thomas Byrne highlighted the fact that Korea is an "economically rare case" where it became stronger after suffering from financial crises in 1997 and 2008. He doesn't see any reason the economy of Korea will suffer in the next 5 years.



Voice of America

Dr. Stephen Noerper, senior vice president for policy, spoke to Voice of America's (VOA's) Korean-language service about Kim Jong Un's address on the 70th anniversary of the DPRK's Korean Workers Party, the lack of a missile or nuclear test preceding the anniversary, and prospects for China-North Korea relations.



Bloomberg/ Newsroom

On August 29, 2015, SVP Policy Dr. Stephen Noerper provided background analysis for Bloomberg's Newsroom on the crossfire at the DMZ. Noerper emphasized DPRK positioning vis-a-vis allied exercises, Kim Jong Un consolidating control to quell military elements, and broader issues of regional instability wrought of China's economic downturn and decline in Sino-US relations. He later appeared on a live broadcast of Bloomberg Markets.



Victor Beattie of Voice of America

On June 21, Dr. Noerper and Victor Beattie of Voice of America discussed potential progress in Korea-Japan relations and a likely meeting of President Park and Prime Minister Abe on the sidelines of a trilateral with China before December 2015.



Voice of America: News

On May 15, Dr. Noerper offered a take on the reported purge of the DPRK's defense chief, Hyon Yong Chol, for VOA News.



CNN Live

On March 5, 2015, Dr. Stephen Noerper, Senior Vice President, appeared on CNN live to speak to the stabbing of US Ambassador to Korea Lippert, paying tribute to the Ambassador and cautioning against this reflecting broader negative perceptions. Noerper pointed to the strength of the bilateral relationship, the popularity of the US in public polls, and the outpouring of official and public support in Korea for Lippert after the attack.



The Take Away with John Hockenberry

Hollywood 'Cowardice' & Washington's Dilemma

On Friday, December 19th, Thomas Hubbard, Chairman of The Korea Society, was interviewed for the New York Times/National Radio show "The Takeaway." He discusses the cancellation of the film "The Interview" after cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures.



The Wall Street Journal: New York | NY Culture

Sociopaths ran wild in a ferocious spree of horror and suspense films made in South Korea in recent years. This series is practically a highlights reel, with the second and third parts of “Oldboy” auteur Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance” trilogy, and Kim Jee-woon’s bruising “I Saw the Devil” and surreal “A Tale of Two Sisters,” a 2003 sibling psychodrama that remains the box-office champ of Korean horror films.




Bloomberg: News

Dr. Stephen Noerper opines on the cost to China of supporting North Korea in the wake of increasing condemnation of the latter's human rights record.




Voice of America: News / Asia

US Official: No Indication of Transfer of Power in North Korea




Voice of America: Daybreak Asia

Dr. Stephen Noerper and Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee discuss the fate of the three American detainees held in North Korea.




Bloomberg - All Podcasts - CastRoller

April 24,2014 - Dr. Stephen Noerper, Senior Vice President of The Korea Society discusses President Obama's trip to Asia.



CNN: Ferry disaster's toll on families

April 19 - April 22 - Dr. Stephen Noerper, Senior Vice President of The Korea Society expressed condolences on South Korea's national tragedy and explains approaches on President Obama's visit to Asia. Four television appearances on CNN Newsroom Live, including an appearance on Bloomberg Radio and Voice of America Crossroads Asia Radio.

CNN: Ferry Disaster's Toll on Families




Voice of America: Crossroads Asia


March 17 (VOA) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society, comments on the United Nations Commission of Inquiry report on North Korea.

Listen to the full-length program here




Experts Praise Exposure of Pyongyang's Abuses

February 17 (VOA) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society, comments United Nations report that accuses North Korea of “unspeakable atrocities" and crimes against humanity.

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Voice of America: North Korea Threatens to Cancel Family Reunions

February 6 (VOA) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society, comments on the North Korea's threats to cancel its just-announced family reunions with the South if Seoul and Washington go ahead with upcoming joint military drills.

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CNN: How Choco Pie infiltrated North Korea's sweet tooth

January 27 (CNN) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society, comments on the North Korea's black market on South Korean snack, Choco Pie.

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The Takeaway

December 11 (The Takeaway) -- Ambassador Thomas Hubbard, chairman of the Korea Society, appeared on Public Radio International's The Takeaway. He discussed the significance of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ousting his uncle and mentor Jang Song-thaek from office with host John Hockenberry

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VOA: Crossroads Asia

August 28 (Voice of America) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of The Korea Society, comments on the North Korean human rights issue to Victor Beatie of VOA.

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VOA: Inter-Korean Relations

August 16 (Voice of America) -- Dr. Stephen Noerper, Senior Vice President of The Korea Society, speaks to Voice of America’s Victor Beattie on the significance of the ROK-DPRK talks for restarting reunions between divided families in North and South Korea.

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Bloomberg: N. Korea Needs to Save Face in De-Escalation

April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Sue Mi Terry, analyst at Eurasia Group and Stephen Noerper, senior vice president at The Korea Society, discuss the latest on North Korean nuclear threats as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urges the country to join nuclear talks. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

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Bloomberg: Tensions Rise on The Korean Peninsula


April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Noerper, Senior Vice President at The Korea Society, discusses the mounting tensions between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

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C-SPAN: North Korean History and Culture

April 4 (C-SPAN) -- Thomas Hubbard, chairman of The Korea Society, talked about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, as well as the culture and history of North Korea and its relationship with South Korea, and other topics. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. (Source: C-SPAN)

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Bloomberg: Samsung Source of Korean National Pride

March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Noerper, senior vice president at The Korea Society, discusses Samsung as a source of national pride in Korea and how the company has come to be Apple's biggest competition in the smartphone market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

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